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And i have been trying to think up a fun an cool way to give back to my followers with a Giveaway <3 ANYWHO I have decided that not enough people receive valentine’s day cards or gifties, and I’d like to change that for ten people!!! So I am going to be having ten giveaway winners who all recieve a card handmade by me with whatever fanart they would like in there. If i cannot draw it well I am also recruitng a few of my friends so we promise it will be quality!!! BUT THREE OF THE WINNER WILL ALSO GET A CHOCOLATE SURPRISE GIFT <3 <3 <3

Giveaway starts Today!!! Giveaway ends January 31st 2012 because that day is my birthday and thus a special day to end something so sweet and nice as I would like to give to my followers <3

Rules: you don’t have to follow me though it would be much appreciated!!! Likes and Reblogs count!!! Please don’t go too crazy with the reblogs as i am doing this the old fashioned way and putting all the names on a slip of paper into a bucket <3 Must be comfortable with giving me your address as i need a way to send the cards and perhaps chocolate out!!! Also, for your friends who use tumblrsavior, please tag this as a giveaway so as to not annoy them <3

Note: I will try to have the cards come to you around Valentines day <3 <3 <3

Will you be my Valentine? *giggles*

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